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The Equivital SEM, or monitor SEM is a device that is at the core of SEM’s technology. It is connected to the Equivital sensor belt so that it can collect live data on ECG readings, respiratory rate, skin temperature and 3 axis acceleration. This kind of information is critical for those who physically exert themselves on a regular basis. Examples include athletes, soldiers, factory workers, people who work in hazardous conditions – they can be useful to anyone who does anything that can spike the vitals.

Why is it important to monitor vitals in extreme circumstances? There are several reasons. The first is that you can use the data that you collect to improve performance. If, for example, you are training soldiers you may notice from their readings on the monitor SEMs that their respiratory rate doesn’t really change much when they are working out indoors, but that when they work out outdoors they breath faster and their hearts work harder. You can then tailor most of their workouts for the outdoors so that you can push their bodies to the maximum – it only makes them better in live combat.

You can also use monitor SEM to prove the opposite. If, for example, you are in charge of line workers in a factory who wear heavy gear and work in stuffy conditions you can monitor their vitals so that you can find out how to improve gear and air flow on the floor to make sure that they do not suffer from heat exhaustion. The same device can be used to detect those who are in trouble and help them before problems get out of hand.

You can buy the Equivital SEM from Equivital and start monitoring and collecting data right away.

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